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Snoop Dogg G-pen - The Snoop G pen from is the most popular personal vaporizer to date. Whether you buy the complete kit, the Snoop G pen atomizer or the battery, You can buy it here at for a great price and fast and FREE SHIPPING.

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eBay - the box that Schrödinger's cat lives in

August, 2014 - Ebay shows it's fiendishly dichotomous nature by selectively dismantling some ecigarette eBay vendors while ignoring others. We at recently got hammered by those dictators that reside in Ebay's version of the Emerald City.

Many other Vape vendors shared the same fate. Yet searching Ebay for "electronic cigarette" yielded 13,444 results today (8/6). So, as you can see eBay is complicit to a double standard of immense proportions. I mean, if eBay allows 13,444 products on their site that are clearly in violation of their policy then what is one to deduce from that? Only one thing - eBay does not enforce this policy. It is an old remnant that someone didn't get around to removing. Sort of like the New York City law preventing motorized vehicles within city limits. The cat is both dead and alive until someone looks in the box!

Ebay does have a written policy that does indeed sort of prohibits the sale of ecigarettes and "drug" paraphernalia. But because they do not prevent these ads from being posted in the first place, they allow everyone to assume that either changes are on the way to legalize these items or it is an unenforced suggestion and not really a policy. I mean is a Snoop Dogg G Pen battery really considered by eBay to be "drug" paraphernalia?

After all if it were an eBay policy to not allow the sales of ecigarettes and "drug" paraphernalia why would they allow so many paid eBay sponsors to advertise that sell the same items they banned for others? It wouldn't take much. After all eBay is proliferated with programmers that can write simple "if...then...that..." code to nip the unlawful ad in the bud. I'll even help, here's the pseudo code: "If (bad words,...) found in data string then open red warning box". There you go eBay. Just fill in the few variables.

So pity the poor seller who sees all these items being sold against eBay policy, then sees sponsored ads on eBay for the same items and figures, "hey, eBay is allowing these items to be sold. I want to sell them to!". He then goes out spends a couple hundred dollars for items to sell. He spends time getting his ad just right and two days later finds his ad unceremoniously removed, together with an dire edict waiting in his mail box warning him of his grave crime and of eBay's possible banishment of him from the Emerald City.

Now, before the "Holier than thou" group starts spouting that "It's eBay's right to disallow products from their site", I say eBay does have a right to disallow items from being sold. But by not enforcing their policy they are hurting a lot of unsuspecting sellers who get stuck with piles of merchandise they now cannot easily sell. And NO, they can't just sell products anywhere else. eBay has the marketplace that made them decide to sell the item in the first place. eBay has a responsibility to the public to prevent people from losing their hard earned money simply because eBay is too lazy to take down ALL the offending items and to warn unsuspecting people from posting a bad ad in the first place.

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