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Albert Einstein - "This may be the greatest advancement in getting high since the discovery of cannabis chocolate ice cream."

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2 Snoop Dogg G pen Atomizers

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Cool Hat

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SnoopDoggEcigs.com Community Voice

August, 2014 - California: California likes to brand itself a leader and trendsetter in the USA but nothing could be more from the truth when it comes to individual civil liberties.

The democratically controlled government perched atop Mt. Sacramento has taken a back seat to Colorado when it comes to true personal freedom. The recent personal liberty laws passed in Colorado show us that what really comes from California is really just a lot of hot air; a Santa Ana wind so to speak.

Despite Sacramento’s phony pot tolerance, less restrictive pot laws are coming across the US and it’s about time. The American people may be finally waking up to the fact that they “the people” control the government and not the other way around. It’s a lesson that for some unknown reason has been lost over the last 200 years or so.

Or maybe it hasn’t been lost. Maybe having government control every part of your life is the natural tendency of all governments over time. Maybe it’s Darwinian that government cannot, by nature be restricted to performing solely the functions of defense, infrastructure and aiding commerce.

If that is true then there will come a time when the government won’t even allow us to enjoy the pleasures of smoking in our own homes......oh, wait. They do that already don’t they?

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